[you simply never know]

[you simply never know]

I was going home in a taxi cab. It was late at night and I was tired. Closing my eyes, I leaned back, and wondered about what I am going to write tonight. There was one post that was getting ripe in my mind, but then I felt the car slowing down and stopping.

I opened my eyes, trying to understand where we are and why are we stopping.

Traffic jam? At 11:45PM? Impossible.

Soon the reason for the jam became apparent. The ambulances screamed past, along with a TV reporting car that usually highlights all the accidents that happened in Kyiv.

We inched toward the site. Finally we came the place.

A car rammed into a truck. The truck had crane-like thing mounted on its bed – and that metallic construction was inside the other car’s windshield. It was a mess.

The road ahead of us was clear and we gained speed, leaving the accident behind us.

However, I could not shake off one thought.

“The person who drove that little car had no idea that he’s going to be in a car accident.”

From what I’ve seen, the driver’s seat bore the brunt of the hit. If the driver survived, it would be a pure miracle – because otherwise no one could survive THAT.

As my taxi driver talked about his accidents / near-accidents and experience with lawyers (you can check Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby website), in my mind I was mentally reviewing the day I just lived.

If I were in that car that got smashed… what unfinished things I’d leave behind? Did I tell everyone I love that I love them?

We never know when our time will come. Yeah, Harold Camping can go predicting Christ’s return every single day, for all I care… But he can’t predict when my time will come. It could come today. It still can come today. It can be tomorrow or maybe in 40 years. I don’t know.


One thing that I want to learn (one of the many things that I want to learn, that is) – I want to learn to live in such a way that each day may be the last one and I won’t regret things I did or said.

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