Have you ever noticed that unanimated objects can have emotions?

Like the back of a trolleybus.

Startled to see me, it looks like.

Amazing how the mind and imagination work.

One moment, it’s just a trolleybus.

The next – it’s a face.

Eyes bulging, mouth open, teeth crooked.

I want to find a smiley-face trolleybus.

And when I shall find it – I will grin and take another picture.

  • I love it! What a truly unique post! My problem is that when i see this type of thing, for now on it will be forever that. LOL

    • Haha, yeah – same here. I found myself staring at the backs of trolleybusses / busses / etc, just because I am trying to find something in them… *sigh* People in the bus probably think I'm some kind of a freak – to take picture of the back of the trolleybus (since they can't see what I can see)

  • Forgot: reminds me of that picture of the hag or the beautiful young lady.
    My recent post Challenge

    • YES! "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" – whoever you choose to see, you'll see.

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