[tough answers]

[tough answers]

Bill Grandi posted aboutQuestions today, and it reminded me of the times when the questions are so honest, you’re at loss as to what to answer.

It was the day after the altar call service. While there was a lot of fun activities and games, there was also serious stuff. In the evening, the speaker invited kids to pray about their dreams and to pray for what they would like to be changed in their lives.

Somehow after the service, one of my youngest kids and I came to the room before everyone else did. She is about 6 or 7 years old. We were talking about songs and what happened during the day when she said:

“Do you know what is my dream?”

I looked at her, thinking that she would say something along the lines of ‘I want to be a teacher’ or like that. “What is your dream?”

“I wish my parents would not fight and that my dad won’t hurt my mom.”

… I stood in the middle of their room, looking at the blond angel who was busy at the moment making her bed.

“The pastor said that our dreams come true with God. Will my parents make peace?”

I barely found my voice, “Did you pray about it?”


“Then God will do what He thinks is best in the situation.”

She seemed content with my answer, but I felt rather inadequate. I felt as if I just used a cliche, but didn’t give her a real answer. I knew what I said was true and that God will do what will be best, yet… I was actually afraid that she’s going to ask more questions. How do you explain to a 6 year old kid that the world is not as good as it looks like at a first glance? That this world is only a grossly perverted version of what God intended it to be like…

I had 13 girls in my team (plus 2 more counsellors). Out of 16 of us, only 5 have full families (with mom and dad living together). When we prayed all together, most of the prayer needs were about the parents. And I thank God for helping me find answers to the questions my girls asked. I also thank Him for showing me how my own situation can help me relate better to those kids who only have one parent.

If you are a parent or if you ever worked with kids… what was the toughest question they have asked?

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