[no one knows…]

[no one knows…]

It seems like no one knows anymore what is going on in my country.

The pictures below were taken today in the afternoon. There are two “tent camps” on the main street, Khreshchatyk. The one on the left consists of people who are on the side of our ex-prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, who just spent a week in prison (and going to spend more time there as the court processes). The one of the right belongs to people who are against her.

I took pictures today and wondered… Wondered about the situation. On one hand, she’s not perfect and she might’ve had her share of profits from being the prime minister. On another hand, I’d rather have her as our president than the guy we’ve got right now. I did vote for her. Granted, it was choosing the less evil, but nevertheless.

The reason why she is in prison (and not simply with an order not to leave Ukraine) is because she, as the chief prosecutor said, “was irrespectful of one of the witnesses and tried to hinder the court proceedings.”

What really happened there? 

Our current prime minister was one of the witnesses and he started talking in Russian at the court.

Yulia said that she doesn’t understand Russian and that if he won’t start speaking Ukrainian, then there should be an interpreter.

(Sidenote: our current prime minister’s Ukranian is doubleplusbad. Imagine someone reading English words as if they were written in French.)

When the TV reporter asked the prosecutor, “Isn’t Ukranian the official language for court stuff?” the prosecutor said “Yes.”

“Why was Ms. Tymoshenko put in jail then?”

“Because she was irrespectful of the witness. We all know that in 2009, when she was the prime minister, she negotiated gas situation with Russian president and she spoke in Russian. So she knows Russian.”


Mom and I actually laughed out loud when we watched the interview. Putting someone in jail just because she demanded that the prime minister of UKRAINE (not Russia) speaks the official language, that is UKRAINIAN?

Anyway… All I am saying… Ukraine is a fun place to live – you are never bored.

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