[the reasons]

[the reasons]

A lot of people consider me a maniac.


Because I just spent the two weeks of my vacation time (which is the only vacation time I get in summer) with kids at a camp being a counsellor.

Some call me a maniac, some say that they are proud of me. I don’t know – the reason for going to the camp every year is quite selfish.

I want to be a part of those kids’ lives. I want to learn from them (yes, because they teach us way more than we can teach them). I want to believe like they do (because their faith can move the mountains inside the hearts of men). I want to see them grow into who God wants them to become.

I had the honor to be a counsellor for 11 years. I remember my first day as a counsellor as clear as it was just yesterday. I remember wanting to kill those young munchkins who kept pestering me about stuff. Yet, we got along and had fun in that camp.

11 years later, one of the kids who was in my team back then (it was her first ever camp) is now one of the lead Sunday School teachers.

2 years ago, one of the boys’ names was repeated the most during the staff’s meetings.

During the very last evening, when we had a bonfire, this very boy surprised me. This boy, who never was obedient, who always did stuff just to annoy whoever asked him to do something… this very boy fell asleep in my lap.

I got to see him grow in these two years. He doesn’t come to Church yet, but I still am seeing changes in him at the camp. One day I believe God will do great things through him.

So you see, my reasons for going to the camp are selfish. I don’t want to miss what is going on in these kiddos’ lives.

Yeah, it involves getting up early and going to bed very late. Yes, it involves losing a few pounds because of stress of managing a team of high-energy youngsters. Yes, it sometimes involves crying.

But when you start counting all you’re getting! All the lessons those kids teach you, all the laughter you get with them when they do or say something funny, all those back-rubs (kids know that I like those so sometimes they get in line who will give me a back rub first… yeah, I know, they spoil me rotten), all those moments of feeling proud of your kids when they are saying the Bible verse all together or singing a song or performing on stage… Amazing. It makes me smile even now, at 12:23AM when I should be already asleep.

Camps rule. 

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