[can you carry me?]

[can you carry me?]

This post is inspired by memories from the camp and by a powerful post by Duane Scott – go read it – it’s awesome.

It was the very last morning. In just a few hours, we would pack into busses and leave the camp. We were busy preparing the final day video presentations at night and went to bed only at 3:30AM. Needless to say that I was exhausted. Everyone was, at that point.

However, the sea was just a walk down the stairs away and we knew that the 12-hour train ride will be hot and sweaty. One more swim in the cool water sounded inviting so the camp director announced to giddy kiddos (where do they get their energy?!) that we’re going to swim one more time. Cries of joy filled the hall where we met. I glanced at my girls and sighed. I didn’t want to swim but I knew that they would want to and that meant I had to be in the water with them.

…The water was dirty – the waves were beating against the shore, marring the sand with mounds of black seaweed. The water that was so clean just last night turned dark.

“Greenland, time to get out!” Lev, who was responsible for timing each team’s turn in the sea, called out. Greenland was the name of my team.

I watched out for my girls to get out of the water safely, when I felt a tug on my arm. It was little Katiusha, my blonde angel with braided hair and a bright pink swimsuit.

“There is a lot of sea weed there. Can you carry me to the shore?”

As tired as I was, I grinned and bent to pick her up. Wading through the evil seaweed, we walked to the shore and I set her down on sand.

She ran off to get her towel and I remained standing there on the shore, just out of reach of the waves, thinking.

Why are we, those who are older, so afraid of asking for help?

When Jesus plainly said, “Ask Me and I will come and help…” why do we turn Him away and tell Him, “Don’t bother, we’ve got it.”

We deny Him the opportunity to help us and then blame Him for not helping.

We, people, are strange.

However, we, people, can change.

I want to change. I am tired of trying to do things on my own. I am tired of being strong. While I still can be strong for my friends, I cannot be strong for myself.

Praise be to God for using little wee ones to teach us profound lessons about Himself and us.

“God, can you please carry me to the shore through this storm?”

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