[the camp: there and back again]

[the camp: there and back again]

I am still alive, in case you have wondered.

The last 10 days of my life were spent in a children’s camp at the Azov Sea and I made a decision not to check my e-mail / update Facebook / write blog posts while there so that it would not distract me from the reason why I am there.

I think this has been the toughest camp for me… for several reasons. Main reason is that I did not feel I could relate normally to my team – I had girls ages 7 – 13. In case you never tried to deal with that age range on a long-term basis, it’s TOUGH! Either the older ones are bored as you are entertaining the younger ones, or the younger ones demand attention while you are talking about serious things with the older girls. Besides, I really feel more at home with boys’ teams. I’m not saying boys didn’t drive me up the wall last year, but I knew how to talk to them. All girls wanted to talk about were boys.

Also, God has been teaching me a few lessons. Lessons that I did not want to learn and lessons I refused to admit I needed. Oh well, His patience outlasted my perseverance. There are still many questions, but at least I have food for thought now.

I need to go get some much-needed sleep before I go back to work tomorrow, but here’s one day worth of activities we did. This is day 6 (I haven’t uploaded them all to YouTube yet – the reason for day six is that I’m sporting a Mohawk… It was a fun experience – and I actually liked it a lot). So… enjoy 🙂 The theme of the day was “Obedience.”

Peace out.

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