[cool enough?]

[cool enough?]

My pastor commented my post regarding the Gospel According to Rowling.

“What about the ‘traditional’ Gospels? Not cool enough?”

He doesn’t like Harry Potter (despite my efforts to get him to see the real picture of what is going on there). That little fact aside, I told him that he, too, uses illustrations in his sermons. The only difference is that I use the illustration that he doesn’t like 🙂

However, a lot of people have wondered how on earth do I use something as “secular” (in their opinion) as Harry Potter adventures and say that I can tell the Gospel story using the examples from those books.


Answering my pastor (and those who might wonder here):

The story of the Gospel is so cool, in fact, that the examples are abundant everywhere in our lives – if only you look for examples. 

When I was a kid (well, a pre-teen), I was writing a book called “Preachers’ Helper.” The idea of the book has been simple – illustrations from common daily life that can be applied to Scriptures and later used in sermons. (Unfortunately, when I had about 20 pages of illustrations written down, our old PowerBook G3 crashed… Nonetheless, one day I think I will still write that book).

I don’t know whether it’s a gift of mine or something I simply like to do, but it’s easy for me to see God’s hand and words everywhere. Pigeons, crosswords, books, movies… It’s hard for me to understand how can people NOT see that the way He created this world of ours He left His footprints all over the place – and those are not the kind of traces only a professional Native American would be able to see.

Quoting Helen Steiner Rice:

In everything, both great and small, we see the hand of God in all. His handiwork is all around, in every lovely sight and sound.

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