[i could sing of your love forever]

Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • It is almost like you are singing a whole 'nother song. Is it because Ukrainians don't like repetition? even the main body of lyrics seem different. Thanks for letting me in on the cultural differences lil sis. Love and hugs today.

    • It does sound like a totally another song, doesn't it?

      There are two kinds of Ukrainians – a lot of them like repetition (and can sing one line forever-and-ever-and-la-la-la-la… *ahem*), but there's another kind (like me) who prefer for words to be different. I don't have anything against repeating a line 3 times, but there's this song that drives me up the wall… The lyrics of the chorus are simple. "Jesus is Lord" (Иисус – Господь)… but you sing those words about 8 or 10 times. Most of the time when our praise team chose that song, I refrained from singing – because it felt more like a mantra rather than a song… *SHRUG*

  • Jon

    Wow, I know this song, and like Bill said, it looks like completely different song. It's so interesting to see these posts! Language is such an interesting topic 🙂

    • 🙂 Glad you're enjoying these.

      Thanks, Jon! 🙂

    • Jon

      O btw, I just saw the Luna Lovegood quote..does that mean you're a HP fan? 🙂 I'm super stoked to see the final film!

  • Zee – that is very interesting. I didn't know that so much got lost or changed in translation. Thanks for showing us small brained people what life is like elsewhere 🙂

    • Hey Michelle! 🙂 Missed you – need to read up a few weeks' worth of your posts – been busy.

      "Lost in Translation" came to mind. Hehehe, I keep thinking of Chinese and Japanese languages – where you have to combine words in order to get another word… Russian and Ukrainian are easy in comparison 😀

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  • romanyukha

    i like this ukrainian version of the song……. i once heard it on cd, but lost touch with it. where can i find this song in ukrainian?

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