There’s a song that is one of those that is sung in many countries and in many languages.

“This is the air I breathe…”

“Господь, Ты – воздух мой…”

However, it’s one of those songs that changes meaning slightly when translated. Few songs can be translated literally into another language. Most of the time, you either get a wooden literal translation (that is a tongue-twister when you are trying to sing it) or you get a non-literal translation that is beautiful.

I love trans-language things. Knowing two languages intimately is a powerful thing – and often a thought-provoking one.

The song above is one of those non-literal translation songs – and for once, I prefer Russian version.

Lord, You are the air I breathe, you fill my heart.
You are my daily bread, you nourish my soul.

I know the English one has similar meaning. But for me, it’s more powerful to say that God is the very air I breathe.

The rainy season is seemingly over here, but now we’re facing really hot weather. It’s okay at the office with the A/C (even chilly a bit), but once outside I found myself struggling for breath. I couldn’t seem to get enough oxygen. Thankfully the feeling is temporary most of the time, but it’s still unnerving when you are taking a deep breath but your body still craves more air.

When I am stressed, I often find myself unable of taking deep breaths. As I re-read the English lyrics of the song and sang it to myself to remember the Russian ones, I realized that when I am spiritually stressed I get into the same condition as when I am simply morally stressed.

I try to inhale – because I know that it is what will bring me relief and keep me alive – but I can’t – there’s something that stops me. Just like right now, I think I’ve yawned about 7 or 8 times yet the air just doesn’t get where it should be. Same with God – I know I need Him desperately… But there’s this something that doesn’t let me inhale Him.

It’s weird and mostly is rambling. All I am trying to say is that it’s a blessing when we can breathe normally. Next time you inhale – thank God for it.


And, wow, it feels amazing when the barrier is finally overcome and the oxygen molecules are rushing through the body feeding it.

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