[the dialogue]

[the dialogue]

Famous last words…

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

I was watching Jesus movie (the ’99 one) last night and Jesus said this in the very end of the movie. The end credits rolled in, with quiet music playing in the background, and I sat on my bed in the darkness, looking out into the window.

“I know that You are with me… I just wish I could see You or feel You…”

Earlier words of Jesus came to mind when He told Thomas, “Blessed are the ones who do not see and yet believe.”

“That was helpful,” I muttered. “I believe in You. I just wish I could see You just once – because at the moment I feel rather lonely.”

I sighed. It was late and my idea of falling asleep early did not work out.

“Well, thanks for being with me even when I can’t feel You,” I whispered, hugging Liz and two stuffed toys and closing my eyes.

This morning I came to work and turned the page on my “eternal” calendar with Bible verses.

“Your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.”

Daniel 1:12, NIV

I stared at the calendar and grinned.

Duane Scott wrote something last night that is still in my mind:

I think how each day may not appear as a gift, but if we carefully unwrap it and notice each detail the Giver has done to make it special, the day becomes just that.

A gift.

Duane Scott, when it seems like just another day

I love these little bits of smiles that He sends. Perhaps they don’t come in a manner that I would like, but they are abundant – if only I look for them.

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