[gym, oh gym]

[gym, oh gym]

I haven’t been exercising for over a month.

It sucks.

It all started with bad weather but evolved into a problem with my knees. On one hand, nothing too serious – it’s treatable. On the other hand, being forbidden from any physical exertion stinks royally.

Granted, I have been a naughty girl and haven’t followed the doctor’s orders to a letter. First of all, I couldn’t exactly say “I can’t walk or do anything” at the Picnic. A big part of our staff is relatively new (and this was their first Picnic), so I wanted to bear some of the load in helping and organizing.

Secondly… my best friend and I haven’t seen each other in a long time – and sitting in a cafe when Sun finally made its appearance seemed like a dull idea – so we walked around Kyiv. Too bad I can’t show you the photos from our trip because they were on my cell phone that I’ve lost on Monday.

But even besides all those little exercises, I miss working out. I miss coming to the gym and exhausting my body.

The reason? I can sleep well and dreamlessly after gym.

For the past month, it was mostly my brain that was in overdrive and since my body wasn’t as tired as it was used to, I had hard time falling asleep (at least when I *tried* to fall asleep – as opposed to wanting to sleep at work due to the weather, once again). When I did sleep, I dreamed. I don’t like my dreams often – they are too real. I haven’t flown in a long while – I miss those dreams. I did drive, however, but it was a mess.

It is 10:02PM but I think I’ll try to fall asleep now. I am mentally exhausted to a point when I simply don’t want anything. My body and my mind are two separate entities at the moment.

Sometimes I stand at the 15th floor balcony at the office, sipping my hot Earl Grey tea during a break, and I watch the construction people working. They are dismantling old little one-story storage units in order to make more parking space. Forklifts are whirring, people are swinging sledge hammers… I envy those workers. I’d love to exchange places at least for a day. They swing their hammers at the brick walls, their minds free to roam and ponder on all kinds of things. I miss that kind of work – I’ve done a bit of it when I was younger and didn’t work at the Chamber. Granted, my official position with the teams was that of interpreter, but I mostly helped with the actual WORK (translating when needed)…

10:11PM. My cat seems to say that it’s time for bed too. She lies next to me, her blue eyes fixed on me, a ghost of a smile on her face. Yes, Liz can smile. And as I blink softly at her, she blinks back. It’s an expression of cats’ love – blinking.

10:13PM. Good night.

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