[the survivors]

[the survivors]

We did it. We survived the Picnic and came out alive.

First of all – thank y’all who prayed for the weather. Like I mentioned before, the forecast looked rather gloomy – rain, rain, heavy rain, usual rain.

On Saturday morning, I pried my eyes open as the alarm clock buzzed and wondered whether I am still asleep – sun shined into my window. I shook myself awake but the sunlight did not go away – it was real – there was no rain!

We came to the stadium, fully prepared to be subjected to cold murky weather – and once again were surprised. I even had to take my long-sleeved shirt that I wore beneath my Administrative Team t-shirt. It was actually hot and many of my friends (along with me) got sunburned.

It was sunshiny until 2:30PM and then the clouds moved in. The last half hour before the gates opened, it was pouring rain. Yet afterwards, it stopped and for the entire evening we had a few light rain minutes but most of the time it was cloudy but not raining!

The drawback about the rain were the fireworks. Something obviously got short-circuited in the scheme of fireworks launch and after a couple of pretty Bangs! everything went quiet (including the walkie-talkie chats because everyone was stunned at the prospect of no fireworks). Thankfully, the pyrotechnic guys fixed the issue and in a couple of minutes we had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful music-coordinated fireworks.

Keep in touch for more stories from the Picnic to come. There were some really hilarious moments (and some that drove me nuts) – but all that will be later. I am still dead after the event (and SO disappointed it’s only Monday – the Chamber team needs rest…)


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