[three days]

[three days]

Leaning comfortably against the pillows behind my back, my fluffy seal hot against my knees, the wheels of my mind tiredly scroll through the happenings of the day and forecasting the happenings of what is going to happen in two days.

What is in two days?

The Picnic.

For those who don’t know, I work at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine – i.e. we get to celebrate both American AND Ukrainian holidays.

The Chamber Annual Charitable American Independence Day Picnic (aka simply “Picnic”) is the biggest event that we organize as the Chamber. Everyone is invited and usually we have up to 5,000 people gathered together for 6 hours packed with fun, laughter, free stuff, lottery, music, and magnificent fireworks.

Once again this year (as it has been for 3 Picnics before already), I am responsible for the Kids’ Zone. I couldn’t be happier with my assignment – it’s the best place ever to people-watch. Also, kids get so excited when they see all the carnival rides and everything and presents that it’s hard not to rejoice along with them.

However, today we are all “hoping against all hope” (hm, this verse, Romans 4:18, seems like the verse of the day since I’ve quoted it today already).

The reason? Or, rather, the reasons?

Weather forecast is that it is will be raining until next Friday. (The Picnic is this Saturday). In case you wonder what our rainy season looks like – watch this – this was taken from my apartment window this Monday. This is NOT a good weather for 6 hours on an open stadium.

Another fun thing is that due to the rains (it has been raining for over a week now), the bags for kids’ presents have drowned at the warehouse. Praise God this problem has been solved because we’ve got EURO 2012 bags (which is the theme of this year’s Picnic) instead to substitute the “drowned bags…” Another good thing is that the presents were not packed yet.

The restaurant that was supposed to host a sponsors’ afterparty on Monday, July 4th, cancelled the reservation… today. Turned out the lady who was our contact person left the restaurant job a month ago – and the current administration is against hosting the party. Considering that the name of the restaurant is Chao, that’s what we are tempted to tell them “Ciao!”… Unfortunately, their logo is already in print on all banners and invitations.

It’s going to rain, did I mention that?

Once again, just like last year, I find myself begging God for a miracle. I know that He might have His reasons for rain… but… I can’t help but stare into the ominous sky and plead “Just one rainless day – PLEASE – then the rains can resume. Just one single day, all we need.” Last year He did provide pretty good weather – it started raining around 8PM, but the people were there already and having fun. If it will be raining from the very start, not a lot of enthusiasts are going to come.

We shall see. We already had one Picnic where we had walking tents and flying toilets due to the storm. I wish I was working at the Chamber back then (it was just before I joined the team) – since everyone who were at that Picnic remember it vividly. Hopefully there will be no flying toilets this year and the Sun will grace us with its warmth.

And the fireworks are going to be MAJESTIC!

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