[my wolf friend]

[my wolf friend]

Joining in for the “One Word at a Time” Blog Carnival at Peter Pollock’s blog. Check the rest of the entries here. Today’s word is “Pets.”

A friend of mine posted the video below video on her Facebook account and I couldn’t help but remember the sweet baby Nome I once knew.

When I was in the States for the second time, staying with my dear friends, they had a wolf (and a shih-tzu). The wolf was quite old – 12 years old – when I met him, but still active even though his arthritis was getting worse.

When Steve told me for the first time that he had a wolf… well, I thought he was joking. But then he showed pictures and I fell in love with that mighty beast even before I saw him for real.

That is Nome (or baby Nomes as I called him – although that baby at his prime could easily put his paws on my shoulders standing on his back legs and he weighted a few pounds less than I did).

Steve and Debbie brought me to their home after the airport and as they were opening the door, I heard something on the left. I looked, and there, behind a waist-high fence was the magnificent animal. I looked at my friends, they nodded, and I cautiously went to check him out.

I am not afraid of the dogs and never was, but I wasn’t sure how to behave around wolves. I let him sniff my hand and then carefully petted him. He wiggled his tail and pressed his big nose against my palm. Steve later said that he never seen Nome take a liking to someone that fast.

Nome died a bit over a year after I got to meet him – but I am blessed that I got to meet him because usually wolves live up to 12 years – Nome was 14. The two months I’ve spent with baby Nomes were short, yet the friendship is priceless. The memories of how he could be both goofy and noble at the same time warm my heart as I look at these photos.

Do cats and dogs get to be in Heaven?

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