[all the difference]

[all the difference]

All I did today was sit / lie on the couch watching TV (I did make a salad for lunch and I baked a cake for late night snack, but those were two little exceptions).

Most of the time when I do that (and lately, that’s all I had the energy to do), I feel rather pathetic. And besides, drinking by oneself (even if it is tea!) is sad.

Yet today it was different – I was not alone with my cat. Mom was home.

So we talked a bit, and made lunch together, and laughed at the Pink Panther 2 that was on TV, and mom liked my cake…

I love it when she’s home. My cat appreciates that too because it means she gets twice as much food 😀

All in all, it was a perfect day off (tomorrow is Constitution Day here in Ukraine, so we have two days off… (plus the weekend). The only drawback was the rain – it poured so hard that below is what happened to the street I live on… The rain was the reason we spent the entire day at home. Also, it was the coldest June 27th in the recorded history of Ukraine.

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