[remembering the promises]

[remembering the promises]

I am on my balcony, alone tonight again.

This week was stressful. Everyone is anxious considering that we’ve got the Independence Picnic coming up and we had a hugely important meeting yesterday with the president of Ukraine and most of the “important people” who rule Ukraine. Since everything had to be perfect (obviously) and there were a lot of things to think about since we were dealing with VIPs who are used to everyone running around them. Thankfully, everything went perfect and our boss was very pleased. One mission accomplished.

Picnic is a worrisome thing however. The weather forecast has not been too exciting – rain, rain, and some more rain and thunderstorms. When you are planning a picnic for 4,000+ people outside on a stadium… Well, rain is one of those things that you won’t be needing. However, God pulled some magic weather tricks last year, so I am praying that this year He will come up with something fun too.

My manager is leaving on Wednesday. I think the job is jinxed. Ever since we’ve got that position (we only got managers a year and a half ago – before it was just teams of coordinators and assistants), my team had three managers. Neither lasted very long.

Have to confess, I did not really expect this manager to stick through it because at the Chamber you’ve got to grow into the position – it is extremely hard to come to be a manager and “get” all nuances that we’ve got – there are just way too many of them.

Chamber is like English – there is one example to a rule, the rest is all exceptions.

But… I already mentioned God and His amazing weather ideas.

The weather this week was just like the week at work. It was either sunshiny and extremely hot, or raining cats, dogs, and other little animals.

However, today as I was leaving the office (and starting to wrap my mind around the idea that I’ve got 4 days off before me), I looked up and saw…


A beautiful bright and colorful rainbow.

And I remembered His promises.

I remembered that He promised that He will never forsake me.

I remembered that He promised to take care of me.

I remembered that He promised to love me.

And I couldn’t help but follow the advice on my favorite mug in the picture above.

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