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I am starting to get used to working with Excel. Granted, all this budget and financial stuff is driving me up the wall sometimes because of my slight OCD toward details and cleanliness. Everything has to be aligned just right and color-coded and look pretty on the screen / print-out. If it does not look nice, it’s wrong even when it’s right.

Half-done with Harry Potter saga. I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4th book), so I am right in the middle of the story. I so wish I could use the lessons that Rowling shares through Potter’s adventures with kiddos in Sunday School. But alas, I think I will be excommunicated for even mentioning the “evil Potter” in front of kids, let alone say that I love the books. When I will have kids (and if they will like to read – or at least watch movies) – I will definitely use those books / movies to share about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

American Independence Day Picnic 2011 is coming up in mere 10 days… and I still feel as if I am not prepared. Granted, this year the Events team is doing most of the things (I’m just approving design stuff, it seems like) and it’s good that we’ve [finally] got a competent Events team… But I miss the preparations, the long nights at the office, the camaraderie of 12AM pizza and Coke amidst the paper piles and candy bars. I am hoping next week will be at least a little bit like that.

It’s suddenly cold in Kyiv. Cold and rainy. While I guess I don’t mind the thunderstorms (they are pretty to watch from my 15th floor ceiling-to-floor window I sit next to), it’s… well… cold.

I am both anxiously awaiting 15th of July and dreading it. Yes, Harry Potter again – it’s the date when the last movie comes out. I want to see it – because it’s going to be incredible – the ending of the story is worth it (and I really want to see Snape’s memories of him and Lily… which probably doesn’t tell you anything unless you’ve read Potter)… At the same time, I am sad that this is it. But – I am glad that I can say I have been watching Potter movies as they came out (not so with most of books… I’ve read my first one when there were five books out already).

And… I need to dive back into the financial stuff.

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