[not good enough]

[not good enough]

This has been something that I have struggled with for quite some time: being not good enough.

Today, another straw has been added to the proverbial camel’s back – something that I wanted to do for years – donating blood to help someone else – did not work out.

My blood was not good enough.

I came in the morning (after trying to not drink coffee / eat only healthy food for 48 hours), filled out the documents, sat to have my blood tested… and was told “You cannot donate blood today. You’ve got low hemoglobin level.”

I looked at the nurse… “So this is it?”

“For now, yes. You cannot be a donor today.”

I slowly walked out of the facility, feeling as if I was a ghost. Even now, after my friends at work tried to cheer me up, I still feel… rather blue.

So… I don’t know. Guess I will just have to work on getting my hemoglobin levels up and try again.

Right now – it sucks not to be able to follow one of my dreams.

LATE NIGHT EDIT: All this wallowing above does not mean that I am giving up on my dream of becoming a blood donor. I WILL be a donor… The only thing is I need to finally get my low hemoglobin levels up – gonna be interesting considering that it has been low all my life. However, getting that fixed will only improve my health, so – here I come!

Oh, and another note: thanks y’all (those who are reading my blog / facebook / know me in real life) for cheering me up. You guys rock!

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