[God’s *sometimes-weird* Love]

[God’s *sometimes-weird* Love]

Have you ever wondered about God’s sense of humor? I [strongly] suspect that you have. Almost every day I am sort of forced to grin at Him because of the way He arranges my plans.

Evan Almighty is one of my all-time favorite movies. I probably watched it as many times as Bill Grandi watched Back to the Future (*gasp* or even more than that!) 😀 Since a friend of mine from Moscow was staying over at my place for the weekend, I talked her into watching this movie – there’s nothing better than sharing a cup of hot tea and a favorite movie with friends. (And it’s even better when they like the movie – my friend did:)

There is a quote in Evan Almighty that I love. Evan is trying to come to terms with the task God gave him and struggling with his family not understanding him.

“Yes, yes, I know… You do it all because You love me…” – water sprinkler starts spurting right into his face… – “God, please… Love me less.”

After some time, Evan did understand that indeed God had it all planned carefully and meticulously – even though for Evan it meant going through tough times. Yet he did not give up and in the end, he understood the intent of the Almighty.

I grin at that phrase, “God, love me less,” every time I watch the movie and say that phrase out loud, meaning it – in the same sense that Evan meant it.

Yet, God insists on loving me even more. His love is indeed amazing. It’s beyond understanding (even though I keep trying to understand it every so often); it is beyond our control (because God *IS* Love and He IS… so, we can control His love as much as we can control God Himself); and it’s beyond our wildest imagination (because it is much stronger and bigger and amazinger than anything we have ever come in contact with).

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