[ideal mate]

[ideal mate]

Stumbled upon an article today in What’s ON – a English-language magazine in Kyiv – entitled “Who’s Your Ideal Mate?”

I knew that something like the answers in the article were to follow (considering the nature of the magazine), but I guess I still expected more from guys… Below are several answers (of guys about their dream girls):

I like big eyes and when a woman looks at me like a puppy… She should hate football because there is no sense in watching football with women!

Dima, age 24

Poor girl that marries him – if she will hate football, I don’t think she’ll be one happy camper when he will want to watch EURO 2012 or something… If anything, I’d think that it is way cooler to have someone to share the delight of watching a game together (or doing whatever). But then, I am a girl and never really tried to think from a guy’s standpoint.

The most important thing is – she must not wear sneakers or ballet shoes.

Vadym, age 30

Wow… This guy amazed me with his shallowness. Seriously? The most important thing in a woman is SHOES? And after that guys are complaining that girls spend too much time and money on shoes… Also, Vadym (whoever he is) and I are never going to be together – I am all for comfortable shoes and I wear sneakers whenever I get a chance.

The ideal girl shouldn’t move my socks lying in the corner, try to make me feel guilty when she’s in the wrong, and should reply to my text messages. Add to that dimples on her cheeks and some intellect in her eyes and you have the ideal woman.

Oleksiy, age 28

Dimples, socks in the corner, and some intellect. Really? That’s it??? The best part about this description is text messages – someone’s definitely insecure about that.

Granted, there was more than enough ideas about slim-but-not-skinny, and other stuff, but no one said anything about the fact that a girl should be more than just a cute [and preferably dumb] accessory.


I know that those guys who were quoted in What’s ON are not the ones that I would consider for dating, but c’mon… What happened to maturity? Even the 30 year old guy only cared about shoes!

My ideal man (theoretically speaking) is tall and strong, laid-back, smart (and mature), and has a good sense of humor. Also, a part of maturity would include knowing what he believes in and standing upon those beliefs (granted, my ideal man is a follower of Christ). Someone for whom I will feel respect. 🙂

Guys who are reading this blog: what are you looking for in a girl? Girls, what are you looking for in a guy? What attracts you (or attracted, if you are married already)?

  • First, let me apologize on behalf of every gentleman in the world for our uncouth brethren. Seriously, those guys are either joking, or a little short of the mark of manhood.

    I have known enough "Plain Janes" who turned out to be very pretty to know that the saying "beauty is only skin deep" is in gross error. It would be better to say that beauty has little to do with the skin. What I find beautiful and important is the Fruit of the Spirit. A godly woman is the most beautiful creature in the world (I am not including spirits, simply because I don't feel as expert in that area, and God tops even the most godly woman by default/definition/the very nature of godliness). A kind, gentle, loving woman who is patient with me is infinitely more beautiful than one who is abrasive. After all, Solomon told us "It is better to live on the corner of a roof, then with a contentious woman."

    There are a couple of quotes that I have always liked related to this though I have no idea who originally said them: "A woman's heart should be so lost in Jesus that a man should have to seek him to find it." and the second is something like "A woman's theology is of utmost importance because when her husband is broken, he needs her for support."

    One more quote that I heard last night on the subject of chivalry comes in the form of dialog in the movie "Defiance":
    Belle: "Why is there a rule that women do not get guns?"
    Zus: "Because there are not enough for the men."
    Belle: "Women should have guns too."
    Zus: "Why do the women need guns?"
    Belle: "For protection,"
    Zus: "That is what the men are for."

    • I like that last quote – it is so nice when girls don't have to think about the means to protect ourselves and yet feel safe. It's quite freeing – since we were not meant to be the physically strong ones. I feel sort of sorry for feminist girls who want to be strong and stronger than others… Mostly that comes from being not protected earlier in life…

      The quote about woman's theology is a wise one too. Man and woman are created to be together.
      My recent post Gods sometimes-weird Love

  • 🙂 You and Simeon are a beautiful couple.

    Looking for picture-perfect is indeed dumb – it's easy to spend entire life looking for that "one" – when in reality you'll miss your opportunities of happiness. And people change – a lot 🙂
    My recent post Gods sometimes-weird Love

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