[strong ones]

[strong ones]

In a strange way, Highlander always inspired me.

I liked his noble quiet strength and wisdom.

I still do as I watch it right now.

I love the way he always helps those in need.

I love the way he doesn’t care about what will happen to him,

But is willing to do anything to protect those he cares about…

Even if sometimes it means standing in front of his loved ones, covering them from harm.

It’s good to have someone like him on my side.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Paul asked Romans a rhetorical question.

It might be wrong to try to imagine Jesus… what He looked like when He was here.

But I can’t help but think that with Jesus around, it probably felt as safe as with Duncan.

Granted, it feels even safer when He is around, and I know He’s always there…

And yet, I wish He was physically present.

I know that way He won’t be able to be everywhere and with everyone…


It feels good not to have to be the strong one.

*Soft smile*

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