[wrong medicine]

[wrong medicine]

I made a mistake last night – and learned a lesson.

My knees were hurting due to the weather changes so I decided to put some medicine on them. Usually I use Vicks Vaporub (yes, I know it’s a cold medicine – but it warms up the pouting joints wonderfully and they don’t complain anymore), but last night I looked in the meds cabinet and decided that I will go for the real meds – a cream called Finalgon.

The lesson I’ve learned? NEVER ever again will I use Finalgon.

I was about to crawl up the wall… I paced the apartment, I danced in front of a fan, I tried to ignore the pain (or rather, “severe heat” as the leaflet says)… Nothing helped until I got some frozen berries from the freezer and put the bag on my knees. I seriously have no idea how bad something should hurt so that you would consider using Finalgon (or maybe I just got sensitive skin…)… And sleeping on my back with the bag of berries on my knees is no fun (I didn’t have a normal ice pack)…

As I was pacing and begging God to please stop the pain (since it was 11PM and I wasn’t in the mood for walking around the apartment, especially considering that mom and I were watching Proposal), I wondered…

Sometimes in life I apply stronger “medicine” than is required. I overshoot with assumptions or think that stronger means better. In rare occasions – yes, but mostly – no. There are times when the “skin” is sensitive or this particular medicine is simply wrong for this kind of pain.

The irony of my situation is that the knees still hurt. The medicine was great, but not for my picky joints. So tonight, I’m gonna spread some good ol’ Vicks on them and enjoy the gentle warmth instead of severe heat.

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