[two days after the rapture]

[two days after the rapture]

Although no one (at least, not a lot of people) in Ukraine even had an idea that the world as we knew it was about to come to an end, my friends from Moscow, Russia shared the news about the May 21, 2011 (with a tongue-in-a-cheek attitude toward the entire rumor).

After researching the issue (two days prior to the Doomsday) and two days after the supposed date, I still have no idea why did so many people believe that old *ahem* man.

As I was thinking about that, I wondered why would people want to know the day / time of the Second Coming. The only viable answer is that they will know that if Jesus is coming at 6PM, they’ve got until 4PM to party and do whatever they want and then quickly repent.

*Incredulous face expression* Are people really that dumb? (That’s really a rhetorical question)…

What amazes me even further is that this Camping guy (he should’ve gone camping instead of trying to pretend to be a Bible scholar), considering all the “study” he put into the predictions, all the Scriptures he cited… did he accidentally skip Matthew 24:36?

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”

I may not be no Bible scholar, but c’mon – it’s rather idiotic to predict something that not even the angels in heaven know… nor the Son himself. Does this Harold think that he’s smarter than the angels and Jesus combined?

Oh, and my favorite piece: the EXACT date of crucifixion. Seems to me that he just wanted an April Fool’s joke (especially considering that April 1 was a Wednesday in 33AD, April 3rd was the Friday…)… (And don’t forget that according to some historians, Jesus was born in 6BC – that completely messes up poor Harold’s scheming).

All this to say… While this was a huge farce, it was also a good reminder to me that actually Jesus can return at any given day / hour. To be honest, I was semi-expecting Him on May 20th – to show that He ain’t following any man’s schedule.

If Christ will come in a couple of minutes, will we be ready?

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