[i’m a mammoth, not a possum]

[i’m a mammoth, not a possum]

My two friends I usually go to the gym with recently mentioned that they are like Crash and Eddie from Ice Age: Meltdown. And I can’t really disagree – they are fun to observe and fun to hang out with.

But when one of them mentioned that fact, I couldn’t help but think that I feel like Ellie with them. I sort of try to fit in, but most of the time, I feel like I’m just… well… an observer.

When I mentioned it to God (or more like, complained, why am I not a “possum” figuratively speaking), the answer I got was “Well, you’re a mammoth. That’s who you are.”

Ever had those moments in life when you want to call God “Capt. Obvious”?

Yeah, it was one of those moment.

“Thanks, God, I know that part already.”

“Good! See, you already starting to find out who you are!”

*Insert exasperated smiley here* “Thanks. How will that help me?”

It was a rhetorical question, mostly. It’s good to get to know who you are… But the next [humongous] step is accepting who you are.

Being a mammoth is not always fun. On the other hand, I can’t exactly change who I am – trying to pretend I’m a possum won’t do (although I guess most of people view me as a weird one anyway).


“Hi. I am Zena. I am a mammoth.”

Footnote: this doesn’t mean I don’t like possums or other creatures. They are fun – but I am me 🙂

  • And I like you just the way you are. 🙂 Why would I want anything or anyone different?
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    • Thanks, Bill.

      For me, the biggest temptation is to fit in… but I never do. I don't even fit in in my own country – everyone thinks that I am from the States (even when I am speaking Russian / Ukrainian and wearing normal clothes for Ukraine…)… It feels good to fit in. I am not the one who likes to stand out.

      But… God's got a plan… 😀
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  • Scott

    Who was it that said, "We're all unique – just like everyone else."

    (Nice article)

    • not sure who said the phrase you've quoted, but it reminds me of Monty Python episode where supposedly Jesus was talking to a multitude saying "you're all unique!" and everyone was nodding their heads…. and then one guy raises his hand, "I'm not!"

      🙂 Thanks, Scott.
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  • From the book "Why Not Women?" that I'm reading now:

    If you try to do what someone else has been gifted and called to do, you’ll end up frustrated. If you get out of your area of calling, you end up confused and you confuse others. But when you do what God has called you to do, you feel at home. You are relaxed with yourself and with your calling. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to grow…You will be stretched and challenged, but God’s call won’t crush you. God will give you grace to fulfill what He has called you to do.

    • Great quote… Thanks, Jess.

      You will be stretched and challenged, but God’s call won’t crush you. – that's encouraging 😀

  • u have a high sense of humor…the point is very easy to say that we should be something else. look different , etc, but we are like this and i'm happy to be mamuth

    • thanks Mary. and yeah, we are like this, indeed, and it's better to get used to being who we are instead of pretending to be someone we're not. we'll never be happy when we're someone else.
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