[random notes: highlander & potter]

[random notes: highlander & potter]

I have been immersing myself into my childhood era lately.

A couple of weeks ago I have decided to re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (got all 7 books on my iPod because mom suddenly declared that she wants to read the series so she can understand why on earth I am so into it). Granted, my Potter journey started late – I have read the first book when I was around 19 – but still, re-reading it now, I feel like I am back in school, 11 years old, and trying to find out what is it that Nicholas Flamel and Dumbledore have hidden in that secret vault in Gringotts.

Also, today I watched 7 episodes of the first season of Highlander. Seriously – I don’t think I have ever felt this giddy with delight – not even when my admin manager told me she’s got all 15 seasons of ER.

Highlander… it brought back so many dear memories.

I was 8 years old when they started showing it here in Ukraine. I was quite a tomboy as a kid (much to my mom’s and grandma’s dismay) and most of my friends were boys. I couldn’t understand why would anyone want to play with dolls, so instead my best childhood friend and I had long sticks we lovingly called “swords” (I have to admit that our sticks had polished handles and even some weak attempts at carving the handle to resemble that wonderful sword of McLeod’s) and we used to fight, pretending we are mirror images of Duncan – we didn’t want to be someone else and we couldn’t both be real Duncans at the same time. Hence, the mirror 😀

I watched Highlander and I grinned, remembering the worst tragedy of my childhood – my grandma got tired of our “sword-fighting” and she threw away my stick… I was devastated 😀 (I think I didn’t talk to my grandma for entire day because of that) Ah, I wish the problems these days could be that silly.

These days I feel like I have reached the hill and going down now… 15 years ahead of the supposed “downhill” date. Oh, how I wish to finally be able to share all these stories with my own kids. How I long to watch them grow and get their own stories.

But for now, I am simply enjoying my own childhood memories and collect them in my memory “for later re-telling.”

What is your favorite memory from back when you were a kid?

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