[the cross to bear]

Zee Gimon

I am Zee. I call myself the Observer because that's what I find myself doing most of the time - observe life and people around me. My blog is a Pensieve, similar to that of Dumbledore, used to keep the thoughts and random ideas that visit my brain.

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  • That is quite profound. I also liked what you said 😉
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  • Loved both this post and the cartoon. Wise thoughts both of them.
    My recent post Hungry

  • Hmm. Well, we are called to die to self and die to sin every day. So, maybe it depends on your meaning of "die." I think "following Him" is the way we do that.

    • But I agree that we do not have to die, because Jesus already did!

      Amen and amen. 🙂

      • Hey, good to see you on my blog! 😀

        Right, I did think of that too (also thought of "carry each other burdens" – also sort of applies here), but the main reason Jesus died on that cross was not the usual physical death – but the "second death" – which was the punishment for the sins. And He promised that if we believe in Him, we won't die.

        Dying to oneself and to the world would be a different kind of "death" – you're right. But this "death" actually brings us life – no matter how confusing / oxymoronic it might seem.

        Thanks for coming by!
        My recent post the cross to bear

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