[rollerskating thoughts]

[rollerskating thoughts]

I got rollerskates last summer. It was my childhood dream. However, I didn’t get to ride much because there are no normal roads / stadiums next to me (besides, I am still learning how to skate properly… or rather, I know how to skate, but I’ve got no idea how to brake. Braking is a useful thing, you know…)

Anyway… I really like rollerskating, but I am not good at it.. yet. At the same time, I do want to learn, so today I went to a nearby rollerskating rink to get a workout. Last night I went with a friend of mine, but tonight I was by myself. As I listened to the soundtrack collection from Grey’s Anatomy and watched other skaters around me (while skating myself), I was thinking… and Bill’s post helped the thoughts to sort out.

One of the things I’ve realized is that most of what I know, I learned by myself. Yes, there were a lot of teachers (in school and just friends), yet unless I decided that the subject is interesting, it didn’t matter how many classes I will have on the subject. It just did not work (still doesn’t).

I somehow taught myself to read (not sure how – mom said that the only thing I’ve asked was what are those weird drawings… and after she explained those were letters, I supposedly started reading. I don’t remember that period – I started reading at about 3, same age when I started speaking properly).

Everyone always is interested in the way I tie shoelaces, too. I still haven’t figured that one out – until someone pointed it out, I always thought that I tie shoelaces exactly like everyone else. Obviously not 😀

My cousin laughed at me when she saw me ice-skating (my first time ever)… yet then, she managed to fall down twice and I stayed up. Afterwards she asked me how do I skate, but when I tried to explain I realized that I can’t – I simply skated.

But, back to rollerskating today. There were not a lot of people skating, and majority were professionals. I watched them and tried to mimic the way they skate.

The result?

I landed right on my backside.

I laughed, picked myself up, shook the dust off my jeans, and continued skating, grinning like an idiot.

I realized something. (And when you will read it, it will seem like a “DUH!” moment – that’s why I was grinning like an idiot.)

It’s pointless to try to fit in with others.

It’s tempting, even more tempting than thinking that you’re not important and not needed. We are taught to fit in. However, while a certain measure of rules helps to maintain peace between the sides, sometimes the rules amount goes way beyond the needed.

So, as I commented on Bill’s post, I’ll say the same here:

Here’s to “beyond normal” and “extraordinary”

Don’t try to do stuff just like everyone else does. There are people who can teach you stuff and we should learn when we get the opportunity – yet don’t give up the originality that YOU have. Develop it, nurture it, and make use of it.

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