[random notes: children]

[random notes: children]

Tell me 10 years ago that I would want kids (or even simply be around little kids), and I’d probably laugh. Heck, even 5 years ago I wasn’t so much into kids.

But these days… I play with the kids from Church (ages 1.5+) and I can’t help but admit that I want my own kids to look after and take care of and play with…

When mom was my age, she already had me.

A lot of my friends entered that phase in their lives when they are having kids – not a month passes by that I see either pictures of pregnant bellies or newborn cuties.

Amazing how time flies and changes perspective.

I remember reading once about a baby that was left alone right after he was born… and I remember thinking “If I were the one to find that baby, I would’ve adopted him…”

I need to go to sleep. After today, my mind is cramped with random ideas.

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