[you never know…]

[you never know…]

Just a few days ago, my friend at work forwarded me a link to local news.

Two young 20-year-old students were standing at a bus stop… when a Jeep ran into that bus stop and the heavy metallic construction fell on those two girls. One died in the hospital a day later, the other one is still in ICU.

When I read those news, I couldn’t help but think “They were just waiting for a bus. It wasn’t like they were crossing a street or acting up. They were simply waiting for the bus.”

On Friday, on the way to Church, my friend and I talked about that accident. Her fiancé saw one of the gals being taken out from the wreckage. To be honest, my initial reaction was “I hope they won’t let him just go.” Then I realized that prison time will not help. So, suppressing the urge to think that “oh, it’s just one of those right things to do” (me and “correct answers” are a story to itself, but not now), I prayed for the driver.

But still, the thought keeps pestering me, for over two weeks now.

They were 20 years old. They were simply waiting for a bus. One dead, another seriously injured.

When is my time?

While this might seem like a morbid thought, for me it’s one of those reminders that I should live my life to the utmost while I still have time.

Spend time with friends.

Write on my blog.

Share about Him.

Enjoy food (yeah, that’s on my list as well).

Smile even more.

Make others smile (even when they are having a laugh at my expense).


Because every single minute is a gift.

  • You forgot to put meet Bill. 🙂
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  • As sad as this is, I like this post Zee. You are so right. Weirder things have happened. There are all sorts of unexplained deaths in this life – totally healthy pregnancy, yet the baby dies while being born from complications; Man on his way to work biking and gets hit by a car; An old lady drives down the freeway ramp the wrong way and kills a mother and her 2 children; a family is on a curvy freeway and the semi next to them is going too fast and tips over right on there car..you just never know. BTW, all of these things have happened in MN – some recently, some a few years ago. Time is not on our side. Yet I love your perspective – LIVE. Those are great words. If we worry about what might happen to us, we might forget those simple words to live and love and breath. Great post Zee.

    • hey Elle 🙂 yeah… that is one of the reasons why personally i read news VERY rarely. i like weird news like "a liger was born in a zoo" or "scientists have found a new gene responsible for something-and-something"… sort of the news that would distract me from the real reality, not stress it. but while "distracted" from the reality, i am able to enjoy what i've got instead of wondering what might've happened with this or that person.

      thanks! 🙂
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