[5-minute-friday: on distance]

[5-minute-friday: on distance]

Time for Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday post.

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My entire life is connected with distances. There always seems to be a distance between me and the ones I care about.

Internet has helped quite a lot to keep those relationships and friendships alive (even when sometimes all I have is a page on Facebook), but still I yearn for the time when I finally will get to meet everyone face-to-face. Virtual *hugs* warm the soul, but not the body.

Sometimes God himself seems distant, yet I realize that more often than not, I was the one who distanced myself from Him. Maybe it is one of those “safety-guards instincts” – don’t get too close or else when the time will come to say good bye, it will hurt… gosh it hurts to say good bye.

“Silly girl,” He gently reminds me. “I am always there for you and I am always there WITH you, wherever you are.”

And I grin into the sunshine or into the moonlight and revel in His hug which I feel in my heart.


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