[darkness and light]

[darkness and light]

Close your eyes and imagine that is all you would ever see.


Those who have seen, the remains of images will stay in mind even if they will lose their sight. Those who never saw, darkness is the only choice, except for dreams.

Morning comes but you only know it’s morning because of the bustling sounds outside. The rooster crows and you awaken. Open your eyes just because that is the basic instinct, but the scenery does not change.

Your neighbor comes to take you to your “place under the Sun” which literally that. You sit down, put your coat in front of you… and wait for someone’s mercy.

That morning wasn’t different from any other. I could not see the Sun but I felt it’s rays caressing my skin gently. Soon it will be really hot, but mornings were good. I heard people taking care of their business, ignoring me since I was one of those familiar “fixtures” on the side of the road.

I had a lot of time on my hands to contemplate my life. I tried to avoid thinking about it because frankly the future was bleak, yet sometimes I wondered…

“God, why?”

Someone tossed a coin at my feet. “Thank you,” I replied, grateful that I would be able to get some bread tonight.

The usual cling and clatter of the town’s life was somewhat hushed this morning, I noticed. Not as many people shuffled by. Most people seemed to be elsewhere – at least that was what my senses were telling me. “Where is everyone?”


I turned my head toward the source, straining to “see” what was going on with my ears. A crowd, considering the din… I heard one of the many voices say “Jesus.”

I sat up straight. I heard about this Jesus from Nazareth. I heard a lot… Lame ones walking, mute – singing, dead – alive.

“Perhaps…” A tiny ray of hope ignited in my heart. “Perhaps… He can fix me too.”

The ray was squished by doubts that assailed right away. “Yeah, right… I am just a blind nobody who sits by the road and begs.”

“But maybe… just maybe… What do I have to lose?” I countered myself.

The crowd drew closer.

“Now, or never” I told myself.

“Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!” I yelled as soon as I felt people walking next to me.

“Shush!” Someone sternly told me.

I did not want to give up. “Please, Jesus! Have mercy on me!”

The people stopped walking. I stopped yelling, not sure what was about to happen. Doubts once again have crept into my soul, “Yeah, what now, Bartimaeus? You called him… what are you going to ask?”

A man came up. “He’s calling you.”

That alone was enough to make me cry with joy… Jesus wanted me to come to him. I jumped to my feet and leaving my coat behind, I ran toward the Voice that called my name.

“What do you want Me to do for you?” asked a gentle and kind voice.

What can you do for me, Jesus… It is one thing to hear of miracles, but it is completely different to have the courage to admit that you believe that the same can happen with you.

I did not have anything to lose. Something told me that this Jesus could be trusted. Call it a hunch or something – I simply knew.

“I want to see.”

For a few seconds nothing happened. I waited. The crowd grew still as well.

“Go. Your faith has healed you.” The same kind voice told me.

…Only this time, the voice had a face. A young man in his early 30s. I squinted because the Sun was shining into my face. The people around me were staring at me, astonished.

I realized that I held my breath. I exhaled loudly, my mind spinning from the emotions and new experiences.

“Uhh…” I stammered, wild-eyed. “Thank you.”

He smiled. I grinned.

And we continued up the road to Jerusalem together.

Loosely based on Mark 10:46-52 and inspired by my pastor’s sermon last Sunday.

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