[darien and i]

[darien and i]

Forgive me, dear Ted Dekker and Dean Koontz. You might need to scoot a bit, so there will be a place for the third favorite author on that top-favorite-author bench.

Meet your new neighbor – Roger Elwood.

I have “met” Elwood a long time ago, back when I was in 7th grade. I did not know what to read, so I randomly browsed the books at home and stumbled upon a book that I have not yet read – Angelwalk. I started reading it at school when a friend of mine asked if she could read it. I gave it to her and by the end of the day in school she was done (she and I were quite fast readers, but I didn’t read that fast in English yet – she spent 3 years in the US, so her English reading level was better). I was amazed at the fact that she read it that fast, so I decided that it is a good book.

I am not sure how many times I have re-read that book ever since, in these 13 years. Over 15 times for sure. The way it is written is brilliant. The story itself is even better.

The story is about an angel, Darien (I love that name), who wonders why can’t God forgive the fallen angels and let them come back to Heaven. Are they THAT bad indeed? God sends Darien on a mission to Earth – a mission to find out whether there is anything good left in those fallen angels. After his incredible journey, Darien comes back to Heaven trusting God more than ever for His justice and mercy and grace and wisdom.

The book I am reading right now, Darien: Guardian Angel of Jesus, follows Angelwalk and Darien, who is once again, the main character in the story (sort of) is given one of the most important missions an angel has ever been privileged to carry out – to be a guardian angel of Jesus when He was on Earth.

The thing is… when I read these books about Darien, I see the same doubts and thoughts that I have brooding in my own mind sometimes. I am not sure how to describe it. Imagine reading about someone who has EXACTLY the same feelings and thoughts as you do. It is downright scary sometimes. At the same time, it is extremely comforting because I know that obviously I am not alone thinking those thoughts.

All I am saying… if you ever get a chance to read Angelwalk or Darien: Guardian Angel of Jesus – read them. You will not regret the time spent on those books.

(Oh, and you can count on reading more about Darien in upcoming posts… I need to sort my thoughts first, but I will certainly talk a lot about these books later.)

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