Ted Dekker, one of my two top favorite authors, wrote on his Facebook:

Question: If the ONLY WAY to stop a ruthless rapist from raping your only, precious child was to kill him, would you? The priest in my novel, The Priest’s Graveyard wants to know what the underground thinks. Yes or No?

If Yes, would you turn yourself in for life in prison, or cover it up if you could? And don’t explain how you would choose another option, because there are none.

Be real, no philosophizing.

I did write my answer down in the comments (along with 1K+ people) and as I was reading their answers, I couldn’t help but wonder… would we all really kill so easily?

My answer for the first part of the question was yes – I would kill. I am not a parent yet, but I get quite protective even of my little ones in camp team, so I can only imagine what a mama-bear mom I would be when I will finally become a mom.

The answer for the second part is that I would turn myself in (at least that’s what I think I’d do – at the moment when I might have to do that, it would be quite a lot scarier…)…

What would you answer if you had to make the choice?

  • that, my dear, is a loaded question. I honestly don't know what I would do. I am basically a non-violent person (but not a pacifist). I am going to take the easy way out and say, "I don't know." However, if i did…I believe I would turn myself in since I don't know that I could live with myself (ala Tell-Tale Heart by Poe) and I believe in taking responsibility for my own sin.

    • it is indeed a loaded question… Dekker doesn't really ask any other questions (because when you think about it, life itself is all about loaded questions and decisions that we have to make)…

      and i would turn myself in for the same reasons.

  • "… I couldn’t help but wonder… would we all really kill so easily?"

    I don't think that is easy. This is one of those questions that we can't really answer without the experience. I can tell you, like I did before, that I would fight back. But then I wonder about what God did. He didn't stop the rapists, or the murderers, or any of the vilest kinds of people we can think of from hurting His only precious Child. He didn't stop me from hurting His precious Child.

    What is the right answer? I don't know and I pray I never have to figure it out. That said, I pray that if I ever do I would be clear headed enough to listen to what God said before I fired/swung away.

    P.S. It is enough to think of what we, in the role of parent and protector would do, but what of that precious child. If we are acting intervening way, stopping the act just before it happens, what would be going through that child's head? What would be going through the child's head if we didn't stop it?
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    • Well, I didn't mean it "easily" as in "go and kill" – I was simply thinking that people answered that question without really stopping to ponder about all the implications.

      And yes, I agree – without experience, answering this question will not make any sense (just like saying that I would've never ran away if I were in Jesus' disciples' shoes in Gethsemane)… But I still think that we should sometimes ponder on what we would do… and maybe even prepare for something like that IF that situation would happen.

      RE: God not stopping rapists or murderers… I don't remember what book it was from (I suspect it was from Angelwalk that I mentioned before), but there was a phrase "People will never find out how many evil things God prevented from happening, they only know what has happened." *Shrug*
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  • Wow. I don't know, Z.

    I have never heard of this author.

    Should I be reading his books?

    • you've read my blog and you've never heard of Dekker? wow… 🙂

      he's incredibly good. scary sometimes because he makes you wonder about questions like that one above, but in his books love indeed wins (and no, he's not a Bell boy)… I would recommend Blessed Child / Man Called Blessed books as well as When Heaven Weeps and Black / Red / White (don't read Green)… and a bunch of other books 😀 (i've read and own over 15 of his…)
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    • this post of mine has a good quote from Dekker…
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