[between generations]

[between generations]

Michael’s post on “Sitting Down” made me finally sit down and write what has been on my mind for some time now.

Last weekend I’ve spent with another 40+ people from my Church, 40 kilometers from Chernobyl, enjoying 4 days of pure fun and fellowship. The idea for the retreat was to unite generations – so we had quite a mix of people – parents, teens, and in-betweens (like me). It was truly amazing to observe. I truly believe that this retreat was the first step towards our Church becoming one true family.

In the evening of the third day, our youth pastor asked us all – what impacted you the most during these three days.

“The fact that there were no boundaries between generations,” was my answer.

Indeed, parents played alongside their children. There were no squabbles, there were competitions yet with no losers because everyone supported each other. In the usual camps, the team that wins usually is tempted to gloat at the losing team. The losing team, in turn, really dislikes the winner. Here it was different. We chanted for our own teams and then switched to chanting for the opposing team. It was… God-inspired. I cannot even explain what it was, other than that.

Also, even though there were some people who were new, they assimilated quickly and by the end of first full day, it felt as if we’ve known each other for so long! Considering that I am an observer most of the time, here I also felt engaged and involved and communicating.

I miss that time. I know the first step has been made, but I miss getting together to play or pray or laugh or eat… I miss the camaraderie that was present.

And I am looking forward to this Sunday even more than ever because I’m going to see all those people again.

God is good in providing times like this when one feels like s/he can’t go on.

Do you feel the burden of generations gap where you are?

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