[weight-lifting with God]

[weight-lifting with God]

The coach took a barbell and showed us the new exercise.

“Okay. Here’s what you’re going to do.”

My friend and I looked, and I thought that when our coach demonstrates it, the task seems so easy… because his muscles are way stronger than ours.

I had another exercise to do before this one, so I watched my friend at first. She had a 7kg (about 15.5lb) barbell. Then it was my turn. I went to the barbell stand, got myself a 7kg one, and went to the bench.

“Oh, no. You need at least 9kg,” said my coach. “You are stronger than your friend.”

I looked at him. “9kg is way too much. How about 8?”

He smiled. “Fine. But you can do more.”

I got the 8kg barbell and went to do the exercise.

As I was walking home a couple of hours later, I was once again thinking of the lessons that God’s teaching me these days and one of them dawned on me.

There are trials in our lives. Some are light, some are quite daunting and threatening. However, we can prepare for them. Our lives and what we do is like going to a gym to train your body. Thankfully, we’ve got the best Coach there is.


We have the Coach who has trained Himself and doesn’t just tell you what to do without knowing what it’s like. He went through the same stuff and He KNOWS.

Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.

Hebrews 2:18, NLT


It starts with small things. When you first accept Christ as your Savior and make the decision to follow Him, life seems so incredibly amazing. It seems like nothing in the world will attack you because you’re with God. It’s like starting with 3lb barbells – you don’t even feel them in your hands. Everything is so easy…

I wish it were so easy afterwards.

In real life, the longer you’re with God, the more Satan want to get you on his side and tries literally EVERYTHING to push you off the narrow path you’re walking. God does protect His children, but the closer we get to God, the fiercer the attacks. And I think it’s just like getting heavier and heavier weights – if you want to build muscles, you’ll need to train more and not with childish toys, but with the real deal.


Because He created us, He knows us inside and out, better than even we know ourselves. Ergo, He knows what weight we can handle. Often we meet His challenge with the same face expression as I had when I talked to my coach.

“But that’s too much!”

We don’t believe that we can do it. Yet He knows better what we can do. He knows our potential – because He was the one who placed that potential inside of us. When we think that it’s too much, He gently invites us to try and see. And He is always there to steady us.


The more you train yourself, the easier it becomes. Yes, the weights are heavier, but you learn that the coach will not simply tell you to do something without thinking. You learn to trust him and do what he tells you to do, simply because he knows more about the subject. And eventually, you might find yourself in a position of a coach yourself, helping those who are just starting – remembering what it was like for you to go through all the stages and gently guide the newbies through the same process.

The same happens with us and God. First He nurtures us, feeding us with a spoon, and taking care of us. However, one day you’ll find that you have people who rely on you and who need to be taken care of – and that’s when you start teaching them, step by step, just like you were taught.

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