[dangerous beauty]

[dangerous beauty]

I saw this picture at my friend Tanya’s Facebook and marvelled at the beauty of this. I have never witnessed a true ice-storm, but my mom shared a lot of stories about them in Kansas City where she went to the seminary.

Dangerous beauty.

It seems so attractive. If the sun will shine upon the ice, it will sparkle and look incredibly beautiful.

However, this is destructive for the trees (or whatever else gets covered in ice like this). Broken branches, torn power lines…

A couple of friends mentioned a new book that is coming out soon. Rob Bell, the one Time magazine named “a singular rock star in the church world,” wrote a book on Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.

As I watched the promo video, I couldn’t help but feel like I am travelling back in time, to my university years when I would argue with a professor of mine about the existence of hell (he doesn’t believe that hell exists). Rob Bell seems to follow the same theological movement, using the principle of “Love Wins” – if God is love, there can’t be no hell.

It’s an incredibly tantalizing notion. No hell, just love.

However, as much as I am tempted to give into that thinking, I cannot understand… How on earth would Rob Bell explain evil’s presence in the world then? I mean, either God is a God whose Love is a fluffy one that never really cares what we do, simply loving us no matter what… or hell is a very real place where those who don’t want to be with God go.

Maybe my point of view on hell differs from the standard one… but I think that hell is rejecting God and then fully REALIZING what you’ve done. The realization that you have rejected being with the One who cares and loves, that you have consciously made yourself an absolute orphan… that must be hell.

So seriously… if one follows Rob Bell’s logic, even those who did not want to be with God, will be with Him in the end? Those who claimed to hate him and those who claimed that they don’t want to worship Him but rather worship His creations – will they be with God (i.e. in heaven) too? Boy… that would probably be hell for them as well – being where you did not want to be for eternity… surrounded by people whose only aim is to bring Him praise and glory. Either way, hell is a very real thing.

Here’s the video for your judgement. All your comments are welcome.

What do you think? Dangerous beauty that has the potential to destroy or a real deal?

(Featured photo: courtesy of Tanya Cantarella, a pastor of the Moscow First Church of the Nazarene)

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