[5-minute-monday: going back in time]

[5-minute-monday: going back in time]

It was supposed to be written on Friday, but I didn’t get a chance to do it then.

Lisa-Jo once again prompted to spend 5 minutes simply writing. The theme was “5 Years Ago.”


Five years ago. Seems like it was only yesterday.

It was an early morning. My best friend and I were slowly munching on sandwiches and sipping coffee at her apartment after I have spent the night over at her place when I suddenly got an idea…

“Hey, what do you think about joining me for Extreme Nazarene trip – they need as many interpreters as they can get and it’s gonna be fun!”

To be honest, I did not expect a yes. However, that was what I got and I haven’t regretted that I asked her.

It was the greatest trip of my life so far. There were some extremes (like sleeping on bunk beds in a storage room where birds nested right above us or walking on a roof and nailing the shingles) but considering that there were over 150 people, from 9 countries, speaking 6 languages – it was amazing. So many friendships built and so many friendships strengthened – just because we worked side-by-side.

It was a great time.


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