[when life is rough…]

[when life is rough…]

For the longest time, I would read David’s Psalms and not understand one thing about them. How could David complain about his life and say that his enemies are attacking him… and then say something along the lines, “God is amazing.” It always seemed out of place.

Always. Until today.

I was talking with my friends at Church. They asked how my work was going and considering the end of the week was rough for me, that’s what I told them. “It was a rather rough week… But God is good.”

And then it dawned on me.

That’s it! That’s why David’s psalms are like that. Even when our lives are rough and seems like it’s all falling apart to pieces, borrowing Zac Smith’s words, “God is still God and God is still good.”

May you be blessed with this reminder as I was today.

I love when puzzle pieces fit 🙂

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