[tea, anyone?]

[tea, anyone?]

I miss my mom.

She went on a three-day trip with the doctors from my Church to a village called Berezna Volya, Western Ukraine. I love that place – been there many times, I love the people there, and when mom and the docs started talking about going there, I let mom know that I want to go too. While not a real medic, usually I was a part of trips like that, helping out with filling out the papers for the people who come for a check-up.

Long and frustrating story short, I did not go this time so I was “free” for the weekend. For those who know me well, I do not deal well with weekends – too many thoughts crowd my mind so I need to do something… Otherwise the temptation to pretend to be a cauliflower on a couch will prevail – and that will be one moody cauliflower.

So I stuffed my weekend with stuff to do. Last night was spent at a prayer meeting, in the morning I went to my friends’ place and we spent a fun day of watching movies and having tea, and then I came home to my starving-for-food and starving-for-attention cat. I am thankful for her – every time I come home, she is waiting for me. However, she does not drink tea.

I was reading my friend Jessica’s post today where she talked about Ukrainian custom of having tea together. As I was reading it, I realized that it’s exactly true. She’s quoting another missionary in her post:

You see, I live in Ukraine and in Ukraine tea is not just a drink, it’s a ritual that nurtures relationships. And if you want relationships with Ukrainians, you drink tea….To prepare tea for a friend and know exactly how they like it made, big cup, small cup, green tea or black, weak or strong, how many spoons of sugar, well, that is a sign of true friendship.

The thing is… tea was the thing that always could mend mom’s and mine relationship. Trying to do it over a cell phone being 400km apart just doesn’t cut it… We need tea.

And yet, here I am, home alone with my cat, drinking coffee… just because there was no one to share a cup of tea with.

I “highly dislike” Saturdays.

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