[more on sacrificing… sort of.]

[more on sacrificing… sort of.]

The inspiration for this post was Bill Grandi’s post called Paradox. Check it out – great post and great discussion afterwards.

There’s a quote which stood out when I was reading the post.

He dies so he can live;
Forsakes in order to have;
Gives away so he can keep.

As I was pondering on Peter Pollock’s blog carnival theme, this quote kept coming up in my mind, so I thought… (and posted this as a comment on Bill’s blog, albeit a short version)…

God never asks us to give up something of REAL value.

We might THINK that we are forced to sacrifice something that is of true worth, yet when one thinks about it – those things are not the ones of true worth.

Life? He gives us eternal life that is way better than this one (and “way better” doesn’t begin to describe it).

Kids? In case with Abraham, that’s what God asked him to do (the other day found out that actually when God asked Abe, in Hebrew the word was rendered as “can you please” instead of commanding “go do it”)… Yet it was also God who provided the ram… and strengthened both Abraham’s and Isaac’s faith. I don’t have kids yet, but I can only imagine that it’s tough to “give them up” but when it’s God, the God who is Love, who lovingly crafted that baby and knows every single moment of his / her life ahead of time… It becomes easier.

Work? Who knows – maybe He has prepared something way better for you somewhere else but you’re so afraid of letting things get out of your hands… This is a tough one for me at this point in my life. I love my job, but I do not want it to be in a way of God’s plans for my life.

Money? Lately I have heard a lot about whether people should tithe or not… I was surprised to hear that so many people actually are against that, even calling it a Malachi Lie. I will save my rant about that notion for a different post, but I will just say – God gave us everything we have, we can share some of it. For me, it’s an idea of trusting God in everything.

While I do not believe in Prosperity Gospel, I do know that God blesses us beyond our wildest dreams. We often choose not to see those blessings or admit them, but they are there anyway. Even the fact that you are reading this – a few blessings here already – you know how to read, you have a computer, you have internet, you probably can see, you are ALIVE to read this, your mind processes information so you can understand what you are reading… should I go on?

So returning to the previous idea… are we really sacrificing anything?

Or perhaps we are just getting rid of something that can be stored in God’s hands, clearing space for more blessings from Him?

Your thoughts are welcome, as always.

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