[getting to know each other]

[getting to know each other]

I am not bored, but my mind refuses to work any longer therefore I decided to share a few random facts about me.

1. I play bass, a blue baby Fender. Not in a band, unless you count the worship team on Sundays. And these days I also sing.

2. I am a pastor’s kid, but I don’t go to mom’s Church (even though the Church I go to is of the same denomination). She’s a great pastor but I am involved at my home Church where I grew up, so I don’t want to switch. We’ll see what shall be in the future.

3. I like wolves – seriously. I think they are incredibly adorable. As well as Moscow Guard dogs. You can tell I am a big-dog fan 🙂

4. I like number 13. I think it’s cute. Not sure why – I guess the main reason is trying to show people that superstitions are useless.

Your turn now:

1. Your favorite animal
2. Your favorite drink
3. Morning / Evening / Night?
4. Weirdest thing that you’ve ever done

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