[lessons learned]

[lessons learned]

Sometimes, you can prepare all you like, but the lesson might take a completely different turn.

I had a fun privilege to teach Sunday School today – the youngest class. I love those opportunities because I feel like every time I teach, I leave “teached” rather than having taught. Kids are God’s blessing to us – in their simplicity there is so much to learn.

Due to the cold weather (considering that it was 50F on Tuesday, the temps have dropped to 10F), there were only three kids in my class but they are so incredibly fun that I enjoyed the class.

The lesson was supposed to be about forgiveness, but we ended up talking about a different theme.

The girls were finishing up their crafts and little Andrei was doodling on a piece of paper he had left from the craft. First he drew a house and a cloud over it.

“Is the Sun shining somewhere too, or did the cloud cover it completely?” I asked.

He drew something coming out of the cloud. “These are Sun’s rays shining from behind.”

Then he added a brown spot on the cloud.

“What’s that?”

“That’s a boo-boo on the cloud. He and the Sun were racing in the sky and met so hard that the cloud got a boo-boo.”

“Oh, so the cloud probably got upset and cried?” I wondered, smiling at the doodle.

“Yeah, and it rained. It rained on the house.”

I saw that the “water” started gathering in the house’s roof, instead of the ground floor.

“So, the rain got to the roof?”

“Yeah, the house was built on a sandy ground so when it started raining, the house filled with water and fell. The houses should be built on a rock.”

Liza, who sat nearby, started humming the song about the man who built his house on a rock, and we all joined in and sang it.

We chatted some more about the importance of building the house on a rock instead of on a sandy ground and that we should build our lives on Jesus and they left after that, singing the song together.

In the middle of the class, I felt like an almost-failure because the game we played didn’t turn out to be as good as I expected it to be and the object lesson failed too. However, that brief chat in the end of the class made me thankful to God that He can take whatever we’ve got and turn it into something useful if we only let Him.

Ever had moments when you thought “This is it, it’s not working out” only to realize a few moments later that “Wow, actually… It all worked out!”?

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