[changes, changes, changes]

[changes, changes, changes]

One of the highlights of this week for me was getting a haircut… Yes, again. I wanted to shorten it just a tiny bit, but as always, I got almost a complete overhaul of style πŸ™‚ That’s something I like about the place where I have been getting haircuts for over 6 years now – every time I describe a same haircut, but because it’s a different hairdresser every time, I get a different versions of what I like. Some wondered why I won’t change the salon, but I know that whatever haircut I’ll get there will be a good one, so it’s always a surprise.

So… This time I got what I was thinking about the last time I got a haircut – a pixie haircut.

I am loving it. It takes 5 minutes to wash / dry my hair and make it look presentable.

It also was fun to watch the reactions of people to my haircut after I posted the pics on Facebook. As something to have fun to do, I took a picture from my 9th grade graduation album and posted it alongside the current one.

For me, it’s amazing to see the changes that took place in these 10 years.

While a lot of people said I look cute on the old picture, I am REALLY glad that I have changed. To be honest, the reaction I expected from people regarding that kid picture was laughter. I don’t know… It just seems so much not like me – or like me who I don’t want to be anymore. I am amused by the simple fact that my hair wasn’t in a pony-tail – it usually was back in the days when my hair was longish… The clothes I am wearing are another story – I remember making a statement… even landed me a visit to the school principal because I did not conform to the school clothes’ rules. It was hilarious… Considering that the principal hardly followed the rules herself. I just stood there and smirked patiently, thinking that “Wow, I got to see the principal – finally.” I was trying hard toΒ dispelΒ the image of a “good girl” that everyone tried to label me, yet the manners kicked in every once in a while so I couldn’t exactly be a rebel because it just didn’t seem logical.

10 years… Wow. After this picture was taken, I changed schools, graduated from a university, and worked a couple of jobs. I started wearing glasses a couple of months after this picture was taken. I am happy I did – I like wearing glasses, as weird as that sounds. I let my hair get long, then got a few different haircuts, the current one being the shortest of all that I ever had. I travelled a lot, learned a lot, and changed a lot inside. A few months after that picture was taken, I have made a conscious decision to follow Christ, and while there were ups and downs, I am happy that I did it.

The 15-year-old kid back then, a 25-year-old girl today.

What will happen in another 10 years?

  • You are so cute, my dear. I love the new cut. And I love that scarf! I know I look so innocent in my early pictures too. Then after I had kids (its been 10 years now), I just always look tired. I'm actually glad to be where I am even though some things that have changed, I don't like. Wrinkles, weight gain, and gray hair are not always fun, but I'm glad I don't feel like I have to be some perfect person like I did in my 20's.
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    • thanks, Elle πŸ™‚ The scarf was a New Year present from a friend from work – she definitely "got" my style because the scarf fits most of my clothes! πŸ˜€

      I love the picture with you and Simeon – the one near the tree where you look at each other – you don't look that tired there πŸ˜‰ (and by the way, you two look awesome together, in case i haven't mentioned it before)

      Definitely great to be free from the "expectations."
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  • By the way, is that a bird cage in the background? I had to ask…LOL
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    • heh, sort of, yeah πŸ™‚ the picture was taken at one of my work's events (business networking cocktail) that took place at a restaurant. the cage was one of the decorations – it even had a bird inside albeit a metal one))))
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  • I like the new look also little sis. You look so…so…grown up. And cute. But you can eat your heart out…it takes me less time to do my hair than it does you to do yours. LOL I love your look!
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    • thanks, Bill πŸ™‚ yeah, it's about time i look grown-up πŸ˜€

      and i promise not to eat my heart out – i am not really a competitive person (unless we're talking about our competitors at work… but that's a different story).
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  • Great pic. I had "long hair" (more like a bushy mullet) in high school and remember the day I cut it off. It was like, "FREEEEDDDOOOMMM!!!""
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    • hahaha, yeah, i can sooo relate.

      the first time i cut my hair short, the entire hairdresser's salon crew tried to talk me out of it because i had long nice hair… but i just needed change. so i talked them into it and ever since that time i had short hair – the only exception was a 6 month "growing hair out" season just before my friend's wedding… i think i got a haircut the next week after her wedding πŸ˜€ haha.

      such FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOM that William Wallace himself would envy it πŸ˜€

  • Love the hair but love even more that your great, enjoyable, powerful spirit and personality will always come out in whatever hairstyle you choose!

    • Just realized I never replied to your comment, Marty πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment!!!

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