[changes, changes, changes]

[changes, changes, changes]

One of the highlights of this week for me was getting a haircut… Yes, again. I wanted to shorten it just a tiny bit, but as always, I got almost a complete overhaul of style 🙂 That’s something I like about the place where I have been getting haircuts for over 6 years now – every time I describe a same haircut, but because it’s a different hairdresser every time, I get a different versions of what I like. Some wondered why I won’t change the salon, but I know that whatever haircut I’ll get there will be a good one, so it’s always a surprise.

So… This time I got what I was thinking about the last time I got a haircut – a pixie haircut.

I am loving it. It takes 5 minutes to wash / dry my hair and make it look presentable.

It also was fun to watch the reactions of people to my haircut after I posted the pics on Facebook. As something to have fun to do, I took a picture from my 9th grade graduation album and posted it alongside the current one.

For me, it’s amazing to see the changes that took place in these 10 years.

While a lot of people said I look cute on the old picture, I am REALLY glad that I have changed. To be honest, the reaction I expected from people regarding that kid picture was laughter. I don’t know… It just seems so much not like me – or like me who I don’t want to be anymore. I am amused by the simple fact that my hair wasn’t in a pony-tail – it usually was back in the days when my hair was longish… The clothes I am wearing are another story – I remember making a statement… even landed me a visit to the school principal because I did not conform to the school clothes’ rules. It was hilarious… Considering that the principal hardly followed the rules herself. I just stood there and smirked patiently, thinking that “Wow, I got to see the principal – finally.” I was trying hard to dispel the image of a “good girl” that everyone tried to label me, yet the manners kicked in every once in a while so I couldn’t exactly be a rebel because it just didn’t seem logical.

10 years… Wow. After this picture was taken, I changed schools, graduated from a university, and worked a couple of jobs. I started wearing glasses a couple of months after this picture was taken. I am happy I did – I like wearing glasses, as weird as that sounds. I let my hair get long, then got a few different haircuts, the current one being the shortest of all that I ever had. I travelled a lot, learned a lot, and changed a lot inside. A few months after that picture was taken, I have made a conscious decision to follow Christ, and while there were ups and downs, I am happy that I did it.

The 15-year-old kid back then, a 25-year-old girl today.

What will happen in another 10 years?

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