[5 minute friday: you’ve got mail!]

[5 minute friday: you’ve got mail!]

5 minutes of concentrated writing. No editing, no backtracking, no staying off course.

The theme at the Lisa-Jo’s blog carnival today is mail. Feel like writing for 5 minutes? 🙂


I got a letter on Tuesday.

It came in a pretty orange envelope and it was written on a handmade Birthday card.

“He came up with it and wrote it all himself,” his mom said, knowing that I would treasure that card.

With a grin on my face, I opened it.

“Happy birthday! I wish you good work, a lot of happiness, and everything that you would want.”

The first-grader handwriting did not look calligraphic, but for me it was neater than anything was. What made it so special was the little guy who wrote it – I call him my little 6-year-old boyfriend – my admin manager’s son, Kostik.

I got other presents that I loved for my birthday, but this card was probably the best.

My family always said that handmade presents that were made with love are the best kind of presents.

They were right.


Did you ever get an e-mail / mail / postcard that made you all warm inside?

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