[pure caffeine]

[pure caffeine]

Memory is pure caffeine,” said the monk.
“You have received absolution for your past.”
“That don’t mean the past didn’t happen.”
“Memories aren’t rags that come clean with enough wringing.”
“Guess I’ll spend the rest of my life wringing them anyway.”

Deucalion and Brother Knuckles, Frankensten: Lost Souls, Dean Koontz

Woe to me, for I am doomed 😀 I have two Koontz’ books and I am reading them both – the patience is not my strongest side, especially when we’re talking Koontz.

I was reading the Frankenstein: Lost Souls (4th book in the series) today that I got for my birthday from Jonathan, and stumbled upon this discussion.

A bit of background for both characters.

Deucalion is Victor Frankenstein’s “monster.” He chose this name for himself and in Greek mythology, he was Prometheus’ son (FYI: Mary Shelley’s full book name was “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus“). His life wasn’t the easiest one because for 300 years, all he knew was loneliness and desire to find someone equal to him. His only home were monasteries where monks did not mind having a strange-looking man around. He was intelligent to begin with, but with years he became wise.

Brother Salvatore (or as he was affectionately called “Knuckles”) is a monk at St. Benedict monastery. He used to lead a very immoral life and then he repented. After spending years at the monastery, the past still hunted him. “The hard angles and blunt edges of Salvatore’s face might have given him a threatening aspect in his youth, when he lived outside the law. But sixteen years in the monastery, years of remorse and contrition, softened his once-cold gray gaze with kindness and reshaped his smile from brutish to beatific.”

These two guys knew what they were saying. They knew the bad and they knew the good.

When I’ve read the first quote, “Memory is pure caffeine,” I was stunned with the correctness of it. How often have you stayed up late, just lying in your bed, staring at the ceiling and seeing the past? I know I did that a lot – still do.

Memories… Strange things – the ones you want to remember you forget, and the ones you wish you could forget still pester your peace.

What is one GOOD memory that you would like to remember forever?

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