[quarter of the century]

[quarter of the century]

In exactly 12 hours from now, I will turn quarter of a century old.

Some don’t like sharing their age, I don’t mind because every single day was given to me by God and I am happy to have lived this long.

As I got up to get ready for work in the morning, of all the things to ponder about in the shower, I thought about all the times when God saved me from what could’ve been a disaster. Almost drowning in a swamp, getting into a car accident, encountering a guy who would’ve done real bad things if only God wasn’t there and gave me wisdom to say that my grandma might worry that I am gone and that she’s got heart problems… It wasn’t technically a lie, but I didn’t really worry about that back then – grandma was the strongest woman I’ve ever known… Yet I said it (which to me is a proof that God exists, besides all other proofs, because I know that I would never really think to say that myself at that very moment), and thankfully he let it pass… I have managed to break a trolleybus’ side mirror with my head and not even get a concussion… There were other times I look back at and marvel at God’s amazing protection.

All this brings me to think: He’s got something planned for me – He kept me alive this long.

I can only imagine, the words of a song come to mind. Yet, to be honest, I cannot even imagine what He’s got planned.

Since before time began no one has ever imagined, no ear heard, no eye seen, a God like you who works for those who wait for him.

Isaiah 64:4, MSG

Amazing, He is.

  • dustinuga

    How exciting… happy early birthday!
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  • My reader says this was posted 13 hours ago so that means you now 25 and still young enough to be my daughter, or is that granddaughter? Nah, I ain't that old yet. Happy Birthday little sis. Love and hugs to you on this wonderful day. I, for one, am so glad that God gave you these days to live, otherwise I may not have "met" you. So…is it Jan.31 or Feb.1?

    • Feb 1. I was born about 4 hours ago, so you're right on time 😉

      Thanks Bill 🙂 I am glad we've "met." 😀 Hopefully one day we'll really meet.

  • j4man

    Have a great Birthday!
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  • Happy Birthday! I'm right there with you in regards to counting every day and moment as a blessing from Christ. But like you, I have not reached such an advance age as some of your cycling readers (cough: Bill).

    God has kept us around for a reason…let's not be shy about giving Him the glory.
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    • LOL 😀 hahahaha 🙂 You keep making me laugh today, bro 🙂

      God has kept us around for a reason…let's not be shy about giving Him the glory. – yep! 🙂
      My recent post quarter of the century

  • I want to hear some of those stories you mentioned. Thanks for that verse in Isaiah too. Happy birthday.
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    • I wrote a bit about them here. Not about the guy, tho….

      Thanks for the b-day wish! 🙂

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