[5 minute friday: women]

[5 minute friday: women]

How come the time flew by so fast that it’s already time for a 5-minute-friday post? Wow.

Today’s prompt is Women. If you feel like taking 5 minutes to write whatever comes to your mind about women, join the fun and link-up at Lisa-Jo’s blog.



Women are a proof that God has a great sense of humor. Women, who are often perceived as the “weaker half,” are sometimes quite stronger (no offense, you guys).

My family used to consist of 5 women and a she-cat. We had so much fun together! I am not saying that men would’ve spoiled the fun, but the women camaraderie was so awesome. Strong, yet gentle. Strict sometimes, yet everything seasoned with love.

A joke comes to mind when I think of women…

God created Adam, looked at him, and said, “He is good. But I can do even better.”

At the same time, I do not understand feminist gals – if God created both man and woman, then obviously he had something in mind. I am glad that God did not create women only – it would be boring – no one to discuss.


What comes to your mind when you think “Women”? 😀

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