[what is a horizon?]

[what is a horizon?]

On my way home today, I looked at the hill that I pass every day. Since I was with my friends who are all teachers, I couldn’t help but remember the time over 18 years ago.

I was in the first grade and we had a Nature class. Knowing that we don’t like to sit for a long time and listen, our teacher took us on a “field trip.”

My first school was located right at the foot of that tall hill, so Larisa Pavlovna gathered her chicks, i.e. us, and we went to climb the hill.

I distinctly remember that I was walking right next to her and asked her how could she keep up with the steep climb – she wasn’t a young lady even back then. She smiled at me and said that she used to climb mountains, so she was trained. I still worried, but back then she was the coolest teacher ever.

20 minutes later, we finally got to the top. It felt exhilarating to stand on top of what back then seemed like a huge mountain, feeling the breath of the wind in your face, and overlooking the city that sprawled beneath us. Besides, it wasn’t every day that we actually could roam and play and climb hills outside during the class time.

“Okay, kiddos, look straight.”

We all did, waiting for what will come next.

“See where the sky meets the earth?”


“This is called a horizon – the line where the sky and the earth seems to meet. They don’t meet in reality, of course, but it looks like it.”

… My friends were saying something, so I pulled myself back from the memories into the “here and now” world, but still I grinned to myself. Of all the classes that Larisa Pavlovna taught, that was the one that still is as fresh as if it happened a couple of minutes ago.

Did you have lessons / classes like that the memory of which remained with you until this day? If yes, care to share?

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