[the return of a friend]

[the return of a friend]

Sometimes we see our friends leave. There are also times when friends come back and it is always a great thing.

Vlad (on the left) joined the Chamber team three months after I was there and considering that even back then I was already IT-minded, we became friends quickly. His quick wit and fun personality added to the mix.

However, like it sometimes happens, something did not work out. In his case, he got into the wrong team. Not that the team was bad per se – he just did not fit there as well as he would’ve in any other teams. After a year and a half, he left. We have kept in touch throughout this time, dreaming sometimes with my friends at work that it would be so cool if Vlad would come back. The prospect did not seem likely at all.

I was having a blah sort of day last week when a message from Vlad popped up in my gtalk. “I’ll be at the Chamber office on Monday.”

“Really? That’s cool! What time?”

“Around 10AM.”

I looked at my computer screen sadly. “But we’ve got staff meeting at that time, we won’t even have an opportunity to have coffee and chat.”

“Well, we will. Y’all might be getting a new colleague.”

“?!!??!??!?! REALLY?!”

The dreams we dared not dream for real became reality. We are even on the same team now – Communications. And you know, it feels as if he never left, just went on extended vacation.

It’s definitely good to see good friends come back and I hope this time for good.

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